An easier way to interact with QuickBooks®
Last Update: 2012-12-18

Tired of strugling with Intuit's lack of support for Java?

Intuit has developed a very strong SDK for Microsoft's Visual Studio Suite, but their support for Java is practically non-existant. There are expensive options such as EZJCom which can allow you to build a customized Java DLL wrapper for about $1000. On the other side of the spectrum, developers all over the web (Such as Theoden) have put together free methods for using Java with Quickbooks. Although free, these methods prove cumbersome and hard to use, especially if one needs to do simple operations.

Our goal in developing the Java-Quickbooks Connector was to simplify developement of quickbooks applications; making it as easy to use as the Visual Studio based solutions, while maintaining a fair price. Using Intuit's powerful QBXML notation, the developer simply creates a correctly formated XML request (or chain of requests), provides the location of the company file, and the JQB Connector does the rest, returning the response from quickbooks as an XML formatted string.

That's it! Questions? Feel free to Contact Us.


  • This is a Windows-only solution!
  • Tested to work with desktop versions of Quickbooks.
  • Java Runtime Enviroment.


  1. Use the library to create a request for QuickBooks.
  2. Provide file path to company QBW file.
  3. That's it! The response from Quickbooks will be returned as an
    XML formated String. Use your favorite parser to review the response.